Our strong commitment to sustainability and ethics

The need for businesses to operate sustainably has never been greater and will only increase. Responsibility has always been the foundation of Borealis’ way of doing business. Borealis acts responsibly and with respect for the needs of future generations, to support economic, environmental and social progress.

Businesses can only grow sustainably in a healthy environment and stable society. They must manage the planet’s limited resources while facing their growing demand and manage increased regulation and economic turbulence. Improving Borealis’ sustainability performance will enable the company to be more efficient, reduce costs and mitigate long-term business risks.

But sustainability also presents real business opportunities. It encourages Rosier to innovate, helping to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges, and to provide products and solutions that allow Rosiers customers to address their sustainability challenges.

As a fertilizer producer, Rosier bears a special responsibility with regard to the environmental consequences of its production, but also the straightforward employment of its products. We take this responsibility seriously at Rosier and implement specific measures in order to ensure that we uphold Rosier Standards. "We want to be a safe and healty place to work, a company that is "easy to deal with"maintaining a good relationship with neighbours and authorities."

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