Policy Statement Rosier

Rosier, represented by Mr. Willy Raymaekers, Chief Executive, is committed to an approach where the values of safety, the environment, performance and quality are the fundament of the company’s operations. These values are supported by adherence to and certification of the standards associated with these vital elements.

As a leader in the manufacturing of high-performance and high-quality fertilizers, our prime objectives are that our employees can work in safe conditions, in environmentally friendly work places with high-performance equipment.
We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

This approach includes first our customers, partners, subcontractors, visitors and third parties.
We aim for the satisfaction of our shareholders.

Our employees pursue our ultimate goal, the total satisfaction of our customers.

I hope that everyone, through their active involvement, will promote and deploy the values we pursue and thus participate in the development of Rosier in its ongoing challenges, such as safety, quality, performance and continuous improvement.


Willy Raymaekers CEO Rosier Group 



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