Moustier, 22 September 2017

The Executive Board of Rosier is aware of its responsibility with regard to
the care for safety, health, welfare, environment and quality. 
The creation and maintenance of safe and environmentally sound working
conditions are important objectives in our organisation and an integral part
of the General company policy. The policy is aimed at personal injury, fire,
damage and exposures to dangerous substances, as well as to avoid adverse
effects on the environment as much as possible. In addition, in the case of
(partial) disability for example, after an accident or illness, in
consultation with the occupational health and safety service and other
experts search for suitable employment within the organization. 
To the best of its ability in our Organization, we will act in such a way so
that safety, health, welfare, the environment and quality compared to our
employees, temporary workers, recipient, clients, contractors, visitors and
third parties is guaranteed and they are not exposed to unacceptable risks,
discrimination, harassment and violence. 
There will be to ensure that Government regulations are strictly complied
with and will strive to continuously improve in the area of safety, health,
welfare, environment and quality. 
Within the company is informed and kept everyone on rules and regulations.
This is the individual and collective responsibility of all employees. To
achieve this will by the employer resources and instructions, information
and guidelines. 
The Executive Board will be through regular and structured consultation
informed of the elaboration and enforcement of this policy and on the basis
of the experience gained to adjust its policies once every three years. 

Willy Raymaekers CEO Rosier Group



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