Granular Fertilizers

Key benefits of Granular NPK, ROSAFERT
  • Nitric form of the nitrogen
  • Synergistic effects of NPK plus sulphur
  • High nutrient density
  • Water soluble nutrients
  • Even granular size and density for accurate spraying vs. blends
  • Formulas adjusted to crop and soil needs


Crystalline water soluble fertilizers

ROSASOL fertilizers can be used for fertigation as well as for foliar application and in all types of irrigation systems.
Within a context of sustainable production optimization, ROSASOL products provide users with real added values:

  • Ready-to-use products
  • Adapted formulations
  • Better water management
  • Time saving
Liquid water soluble fertilizers

Rosier provides liquid fertilizers with high purity and solubility:

  • Designed for any crop, open field and greenhouse
  • Yield optimisation
  • Significantly improving production quality

ROSALIQ fertilizers:

  • Solution or suspension of nutritional complements for foliar application
  • This range of products covers all nutritive needs
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