Our Objectives


“Rosier’s strategy is to supply our customers with top quality, high performing products. Our value proposition is based on long-term partnerships with our customers, offering complete, sustainable and profitable fertilisation programs. We want to be the most trustworthy provider of customised fertilizer solutions that creates value for our customers, shareholders and Society. We want to be a safe and healthy place to work, a company that is “easy to deal with”, maintaining a good relationship with neighbours and authorities.”


“We are proud to serve our customers for more than 140 years. Rosier’s outstanding track record is primarily built on trusted long-term partnerships, its operational flexibility, its capacity to adopt new technologies and respond to market trends. We focus on value propositions showing clear benefits to all stakeholders in the value chain.

Jointly with our customers, we evaluate the past and we build our future growth”.

Business Manager

“We are fully committed to produce premium quality fertilizers under highest health, safety and environmental standards. Supply reliability, fast and flexible response to ever more demanding market needs drive our thinking and actions.
We develop and produce for our customers high quality sustainable solutions for very different environments. We contribute to better yields, which helps feed the growing population around the globe”.

Frederic DURY and Chris THOMAS
Operation Dpt



Réalisation SIP